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Festivities in Sardinia – Island of a thousand festivities

Life on Sardinia is like its landscape – rather plain than opulent. The predominantly rural population had to adapt their rhythm of life to external circumstances like weather, seasons and the needs of their animals. But also for the hard working people, there were times when there wasn’t that much to do because the animals were already in their barn or the harvest was brought in and the fields were tilled. For this concerns naturally the winter months, many festivities of religious or even heathenish origin take place during this dark season. In this way, the inhabitants of the island had time to attend to their families and to celebrate this nature-imposed break by arranging bright and sociable festivities.


The claim, there was always a party somewhere in the 365 communities of Sardinia, is by no means overdone. Indeed, local festivities accumulate mainly between May and September, but also at Easter or carnival people like to amuse themselves copiously. Most festivities have a religious origin, which became however often mixed with heathenish rites. Martyrs and patron saints also have a great significance in the Sardinian festivities. For every community – even if it is very small - copiously celebrates their patron saint and maybe even a martyr, you can imagine quite well how often there is holiday mood going on somewhere in Sardinia. Some people with sharp tongues claim, many of over thousand festivities were invented especially for tourists – but if one considers the ancient customs and traditions of the island you go off this erroneous opinion quite soon.

No matter what party is going on – two elements always exist: the traditional Sardinian costume and the festive-day-breads, which are made out of semolina, nuts, fruits and honey during a work for days. At the processions where the patron saints of the city are led through the streets an oxcart which transports the statue of the saint may not miss either. The rather unhurried animals are preferred to the spirited horses to avoid disturbance in the frequently very dense crowds. Of course, eating and drinking is very important at the festivities. Whether it is bread, macaroni, fried food, coffee or wine, everything gets baked, cooked and fried in great amounts – and eaten, as a matter of course.

Sardinians know how to celebrate. This is proven well enough by over 1000 festivals taking place during the year all over Sardinia. A quote from the novel “The Mask of the Preacher” written by Gracia Deledda expresses this attitude to life in just a few words: “Let’s dance, singe, whistle, enjoy life. God has given us life for we can enjoy it a little bit.”


On January 17th many communities celebrate the festivity of Sant’Antonio Abate. Already on the eve of the party, huge log fires get inflamed which should, if possible, consist of aromatic woods.  more...


February is the month of carnival. Everywhere in Sardinia people are celebrating, but this is very different depending on the region. In Paulilatino, Abbasanta and Oristano, impressive horseman games are arranged, in which every rider has to spear a ring with a lance during tantivy.  more...


Like everywhere in southern Europe, Easter is the greatest religious festivity of the year. There is hardly a community, where there is no procession during the Holy Week. The probably most impressive event during Easter is the procession on Easter Monday called “Lunissanti” in Castelsardo.  more...


This month has to juggle 150 festivities – in only 31 days. May starts directly with the biggest party of the island, Sagra de Snat’Efiso, which is being celebrated from May 1th to May 4th.  more...


At the first Sunday in June, the festival of holy Katharina, numerous native costumes and oxcarts showing the picture of the saint dominate the shape of the city in Sardinia.  more...


This month starts with a wild horseman festival in Sedilo on July 6th and 7th. Wherever applicable, people come to this place to witness the “Adria” and to get fascinated by the rampant masses of riders.  more...


This month can also adopt 170 festivals as its own, some last multiple days as does the festival in honour of Santa Maria della Neve. One day before Ascension Day the candle festival is celebrated.  more...


In Cabras the festival of holy Salvatore takes place at the first Sunday of the month when the church of pilgrimage of the same title is at first at the focus of the church service and later on at the central point of a traditional folk festival.  more...


In October festivals in honour of holy Francesco and holy Bachisio are celebrated in Bolotana. But the most important event of this month, which is also very popular with tourists, is the chestnut and hazelnut harvest celebrated on the last Sunday of October in Aritzo.  more...

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Titel dieser Seite: Sardinia – Island of a thousand festivities
Zusammenfassung dieser Seite: The claim, there was always a party somewhere in the 365 communities of Sardinia, is by no means overdone. Indeed, local festivities accumulate mainly between May and September, but also at Easter or carnival people like to amuse themselves copiously.

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