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Cities in Sardinia

In this section you will find the most important cities in Sardinia.



Cagliari is located deep in the south of Sardinia, at the end of the Campidano lowlands directly at the gulf (Golfo di Cagliari). Cagliari has everything it needs to be a European mega city. It is the administration seat, most significant centre of industry and commerce, university city and conurbation of the most important museums in Sardinia, which makes it to a political, economic and cultural centre, while all its important companies’ have at least one outpost.  more...

Medio Campidano:

In dieser Rubrik stellen wir Ihnen die Gemeinden und Städte in der Provinz Medio Campidano vor.  more...


Nuoro is situated on a granite plateau in the Riu d’Oliena valley in the centre of the Barbagia. This city is the seat of administration and capital of the same-named province and it almost is its geographical centre, the heart of Sardinia.  more...

Olbia and Tempio Pausania:

In 2005, the four existing Sardinian Provinces became eight with the amalgama-tion of four new provinces. In doing so, the newly founded province, Olbia-Tempio, simultaneously received two new capitals, Olbia and Tempio  more...


In 1974, the city, located at the mouth of the river Tirso ,was named the capital of the youngest and at that time, the smallest, of the four provinces. In 2005, they were enlarged into eight Sardian provinces.  more...


In Sardinia’s northwest on an about 230 metres high plateau, surrounded by olive gardens, Sassari is located, being Sardinia’s second largest city and capital of the same named province. Being a university city and north Sardinia’s seat of business and administration centre, Sassari has nearly the same economic, political and cultural impact than the island’s capital Cagliari itself.  more...

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